Parent Helper Services


Our parent helper service provides child care in your own home to make the everyday life of a parent more manageable. Our service is available 24 hours a day and is flexible enough to support recurring and one-time needs for child care. Care is available even in circumstances where a child has a mild illness that causes the child to be excluded from child care or school.

Caring Hands & More goes to great lengths to make sure that each of our parent helpers are considerate, experienced, and professional individuals for your peace of mind!

The following are just several of the situations where relying on a parent helper is a great choice:

  • School holiday, teacher’s day, weather related dismissals, and other breaks where you must work but your child care arrangement is temporarily unavailable
  • A parent’s work or school day is extended and temporary care is needed
  • A parent must run errands or work away from home on a recurring or one-time basis
  • Filling a gap between permanent child care arrangements or while searching for a permanent arrangement
  • Date night, GAME DAY, or special individual and group care needed (up to 5 children per parent helper)
  • A child that has a mild, short-term illness, or symptoms of a mild illness which caused the child to be excluded from normal child care or school

Please note: If it appears to staff of Caring Hands & More, Inc., that the illness is more than mild, care may be denied to protect the safety of the child. A mild illness, where we are available to provide care, typically includes the following:

  • a mild fever, a mild sore throat, rash, vomiting, diarrhea, earache, tiredness, coughing, crying,
  • and other symptoms of similarly mild severity

Parent Helper Process

Our parent helper service is for children within Iowa City, Coralville, North Liberty, Cedar Rapids, and neighboring areas. And of course we are proud to serve University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students.

The following are additional terms of our service:

  • Children must be at least 6 weeks of age and are typically no more than 12 years of age
  • We may care for children beyond the age of 12 in special circumstances and for children with disabilities
  • Care is typically available every day of the year, 24 hours per day
  • Services are provided in the home of the child and parent
  • Services can be denied if staff is not available or if the staff available is not qualified to care for a child’s specific illness or disability
    1. Complete the Child Information Form (PDF) and submit it at least three (3) business days in advance of first day of care. University of Iowa faculty, staff, and students MUST return the form to the University of Iowa Family Services Office. Click here for information. If you are not affiliated with the University, please submit the form to Caring Hands and More. Click here for information.
    2. The Child Illness Form (PDF) and the Permission to Give Medication Form (PDF) are to be completed as needed each time care is requested (not during the enrollment process). These completed forms are to be reviewed with and given to the Caring Hands and More parent helper at the start of care.
    3. Reserve care by calling Caring Hands & More Inc. at (319) 337-8922. If you are a University of Iowa faculty, staff or student or the spouse/partner please state this to Caring Hands & More staff. Your parent helper is not reserved until you have received confirmation directly from a Caring Hands & More staff member.
    4. Provide food/formula, clothes, recreation/learning materials, directions for care, and medicine in its original container as well as directions for taking the medicine. (Permission to Give Medication Form required to give medicine, see above.)
    5. Pay parent helper fee.
    6. Notify Caring Hands & More if you are delayed in returning home and pay late fees if required.
  • Enrollment is FREE.
  • The cost of the care is $18.50 per hour for up to two (2) children. Each additional child is $1.00 per hour per child. A maximum of five (5) children can be cared for at one time.
  • A cancellation fee of $18.50 will be charged to the parent if a reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before scheduled care.
    Please note: If the parent does not cancel within the required 48 hours and does not pay the cancellation fee, future requests for care can be denied.

After submitting the Child Information Form (see “Parent Responsibilities” above), a parent may contact Caring Hands & More at anytime to reserve care by calling (319)337-8922. Staff is on call 24 hours a day.

University of Iowa faculty, staff, student or spouse/partner please inform Caring Hands & More staff of your University of Iowa affiliation when you call.

Request a reservation as soon as a child care need is known to improve our ability to fulfill your request.

The forms, “Child Illness” and “Permission to Give Medication” (see “Parent Responsibilities” above) are to be completed when requesting care for an ill child. Both of these forms are to be reviewed with and then left with the staff member of Caring Hands & More who will be providing care.

Care can be denied if:

  • staff are not available;
  • appropriate care cannot be provided;
  • the parent has not followed the reservation process; or
  • the parent has made a reservation in the past, but did not follow the cancellation policy.