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Caring Hands mission is to serve local individuals and families with a wide variety of care services. We treat all people with the utmost respect and strive to provide peace of mind for life’s challenging situations.

Our goal is to assist individuals through a holistic philosophy rooted in our unwavering desire to do good in our community.

Caring Hands employs only the most dedicated professionals that work together to design appropriate, coordinated plans of care and duty services for individuals of all ages, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

“Large Enough To Serve You; Small Enough To Know You”

Meet The Founder

Bruce Teague

As a hands-on caregiver, service provider, and administrator, Bruce understands the importance of serving families holistically. His experience started at age 13 when he began tending to health and household needs for his widowed aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer.

Bruce graduated from West High School in Iowa City before earning his bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Iowa, along with a Certificate of Aging Studies in 2001. He then went on to obtain his RN degree from Kirkwood Community College in 2002. Inspired his aunt, and later Iowa City Hospice, Bruce began Caring Hands & More, LLC in 2004.

Education backed with years of providing family care and an uncompromising work ethic, strengthened by his spiritual beliefs, makes Bruce in ideal CEO for Caring Hands & More LLC. Bruce believes that maintaining these values and empowering each employee to adopt aspects of them, will inevitably cause professionals of Caring Hands & More to offer the highest level of service.

Bruce is active in the Iowa City community and remains up-to-date on issues related to seniors and persons with disabilities through his active participation in several groups. He’s a member of several clubs including Rotary which is one of his most passionate.

He also happens to be the current mayor of Iowa City.

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